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Elton Church of England Primary School

To enable all our children to thrive in the loving, caring, Christian environment of a small, friendly village school. 'Be happy, be resilient and be curious'

Class 2

Summer 1.4

SATS week for Y6.

Due to White Hall and Bank Holidays we have not completed our rivers work this term, therefore this week we are going to focus on rivers during our morning sessions. Week 1 - 4 of the curriculum plan.

Afternoon subjects (RE etc) will continue as planned.

Maths will take the form of revision and mental work - catching up on any uncompleted work.

Subject Overview Summer Term 1

English Week 5

Greek research - Maths and the Alphabet


Spring Term 2 Planning Overview

Spring Term Planning Overview

Monday English - Big Write


You move into a new house and find an old board game covered in dust. You decide to play the game, and when you roll the dice, you get sucked into a different world. What’s it like there? How do you escape?



Elton Church of England Primary School is a very small school in the heart of Derbyshire. If you would like to visit, please ring the school office or email us. You are always welcome. Follow us on twitter: @elton_school